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Early detection can save your life.

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Well, besides leading a healthy lifestyle, regular check-ups are the best way to ensure receiving treatment for serious diseases that may or may not have any profound markers or evident, external symptoms. In which case, such knowledge calls for a precautionary check-up to enable detection and high chances of recovery. Believe it or not, medical check-ups play quite the role in life expectancy.

When Austria first introduced the comprehensive preventive medical check-up in , the average life expectancy for women was around 75 years and 67 years for men. Today, women live seven years longer and men live eight years longer on average.

The Vienna Private Hospital offers check-up packages that are tailored to your living conditions with a high level of competence and with the intention of ensuring patient are comfortable while receiving outstanding service.

All preventive medical check-ups are carried out by utilizing the latest medical equipment under the direction of highly qualified medical specialists. Your examination program can be carried out on either an outpatient or on an inpatient basis — all in the comfort of our elegant hospital rooms with 5 star hotel amenities.

The Vienna Private Hospital offers an array of comprehensive examinations.

and Diagnostics Clarification

The selection of preventive medical check-ups and the intervals between sections of your individual check-up programme are determined by age, gender, lifestyle, any previous condition, and family history. Even if you have perfect eyesight, it is highly recommended that you have an eye check-up at least every two years. The concept of early detection and treatment of eye diseases applies to people of all ages. It should be noted, however, that eye examinations do not only serve as visual acuity tests and necessary optometric examinations.

The condition of your eyes informs the specialists about more than you may think, such as the condition of your veins and arteries more-so than any other organ. Several metabolic disorders affect your blood vessels and signs of eye diseases, such as glaucoma, high blood pressure, and diabetes are often detected at an early stage by way of eye examinations.

All eye examinations begin with standard questions concerning your medical history, any complaints, and known diseases, following which an eye test is in order. During the eye test, visual acuity is determined with regards to varying ability in terms of nearsightedness and farsightedness. This visual acuity test, also known as a vision test, is initially carried out without corrective lenses and then with corrective lenses.

If necessary, the visual acuity test is followed by thorough examinations of visual function, e.

The ophthalmologist then uses a slit lamp to examine the anterior chambers of the eye, which include the lids, conjunctiva, cornea, anterior chamber, iris, and lens. The doctor will usually take this opportunity to measure the intraocular pressure.

The patient is then given eye drops to dilate the pupils in order to ensure that the condition of the ocular fundus and lens can be examined with a magnifying glass.

The diseases that can be detected during such a thorough eye examination include:. The fact that women are at a high risk of breast cancer and cervical cancer should be two convincing reasons scheduling regular gynaecological check-ups.

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Both cancers are now a much less frightening prospect than was the case in past decades and a major difference between then and now is the fact that these cancers can be treated with high chances of going into remission when detected at an early stage. The intervals at which you should undergo a gynaecological examination differ from individual to individual and they depend on factors such as age, family history, etc.

You are guaranteed to receive the appropriate information needed during an initial examination at the Vienna Private Hospital. The main tests run during gynaecological preventive medical check-ups are that of a mammography and a pap smear. A mammography is an X-ray image of the breast in which the breast is placed between two X-ray plexiglass plates. The mammography illustrates the internal structure of the breast in black and white contrasts and it makes even the smallest of changes visible.

In case of doubt or abnormal findings, a breast ultrasound examination or MRI may be required. During the ultrasound examination, a contact gel is applied to the breast and it is then examined with a transducer.

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The magnetic resonance imaging MRI serves to clarify suspicious or unclear mammographic or sonographic results. During the analysis of the results, layered images of the breast are generated, which allow for distinguishing between tumour formations and healthy tissue.

Meanwhile, the pap smear of the cervix plays a pivotal role in the early detection of cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer predominantly occurs to women between the ages of 25 and Moreover, it affects six out of 10, women within the aforementioned age range. Since the introduction of the pap smear test in gynaecological practices, the mortality rate for cervical cancer has been reduced by two-thirds.

During the pap smear test, the cells of the cervix and the outer area of the uterine opening are extracted with a small brush or cotton swab and taken to the laboratory for analysis. It should be noted that an abnormal finding is no reason for panic. Slight to moderate cell changes are very common in young women under the age of They do not necessarily indicate cancer. However, they can indicate an increased risk, which requires further check-ups at shorter intervals.

Having a dermatological medical check-up annually is certainly an advisable preventative measure against skin cancer. During the examination, existing moles and all newly developed dermatological changes are examined, regardless of slow progression of growth and even if they do not hurt or itch.

Under unfavourable conditions, moles can degenerate into skin cancer melanoma. The dermatological examination or dermatoscopy entails a thorough visual inspection of the skin by the specialist through the use of oils, which allow for transparency of the upper layers of skin and thus provides a clearer picture.

During the examination, the dermatologist looks for symptoms pertaining to three different degrees of skin cancer, which include:. Your heart is the untiring motor of your circulatory system and as such, it beats more than , times per day. Regular cardiovascular examinations are highly recommended, alongside leading a healthy lifestyle in order to minimise your risk of disease and infarction.

The range of methods employed in detecting a heart disease and issues in the circulatory system are quite remarkable. The initial information deduced from a cardiovascular examination is provided by a pulse and blood pressure measurement and auscultation with a stethoscope. In order to more accurately assess the condition of your heart and your coronary vessels, further examinations are often required. These include:.

On average, humans inhale and exhale 20, litres of oxygen per day. As such, so long as the lungs are functioning without any impairments, the body is provided with a vital source of oxygen and the chance of inhaling poisonous carbon dioxide is greatly eliminated. Therefore, respiratory examinations are an important part of each comprehensive preventive medical check-up.

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The comprehensiveness and thoroughness of the examination depends on the individual condition of the patient. The specialists initially examine the patient for the external symptoms of lung disease, e. Specialists then feel whether the breathing movement of the chest is symmetrical, alongside checking on the the thyroid gland, trachea, and lymph nodes by pressing or tapping. Breathing sounds and patterns are then checked with a stethoscope. This provides the specialist with an inside look as to what possible diseases of the lungs and pleura may be present.

In addition to examinations of the blood and saliva, deeper insights can be provided by lung function examinations, such as:. Preventive medical check-ups of the gastrointestinal tract serve to detect and treat cancers at an early stage. The risk and the importance of this particular examinations increases with age. Gastrointestinal examinations for bowel cancer prevention should be carried out routinely every years once an individual passes the the age of Regardless of whether or not a disease is present at any given time, a comprehensive examination is advisable for the sake of ensuring a long-lasting life free of gastrointestinal problems.

The gastroscopy, gastric examination, and colonoscopy are the most informative methods with regards to approaching the diagnosis of gastrointestinal diseases. A thin, flexible endoscope with a video chip at the tip allows the doctor to assess the condition of the mucous membrane, painlessly extract tissue samples, and, if necessary, carry out simple procedures, such as polyp removal and haemostasis, during the examination. Gastric examinations typically take around 10 to 15 minutes. This examination enables specialists to assess the state of the oesophagus, stomach, and duodenum.

Tissue samples are extracted for the sake of assessing changes in the mucous membrane and detecting any bacterial infestations of the mucous membrane. Colonoscopies typically take around 20 to 30 minutes and is painless.

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This examination enables specialists to get a clear view of the entire colon and the entrance of the small intestine. With regards to bowel cancer prevention, polyps, which can be detected during this intestinal examination, are immediately removed.

Tissue samples are extracted for the clarification of diarrhoea and the existence of enteritis. In order to effectively pinpoint causes of orthopaedic pain, a thorough examination is required. The orthopaedic examination begins with a visual inspection of the vertebral column to investigate whether the patient has a hollow back, a hunched back, a flat back, etc.

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Furthermore, whether or not the shoulder blades and waist symmetrical is investigated, alongside checking if the vertebral column and pelvis are straight. Smaller diversions from symmetry are not cause for concern, but larger diversions can be an indication of a disease, such as scoliosis. Postural defects, as a result of scoliosis or possibly other abnormalities, can cause chronic back pains and are quite easy to detect by checking the gait when the patient takes a few steps back and forth.

In the next examination, the specialist examines the vertebral column and back muscles for differences and tensions. The mobility of the vertebral column is then examined through various test exercises. If these tests cannot be done during orthopaedic examination due to pain, a neurological examination is required to rule out possible nerve damage.

During the neurological examination, the specialist will test different reflexes amongst other things in order to assess the presence of nerve damage or rule it out as. If necessary, an MRI can then take place to provide the specialist with a look into deeper structures.

An adequate metabolism examination is highly recommended due to the fact that the various cycles that the body goes through, day after day, shapes our lives and heavily determine our overall well-being. Nutritional changes and therapeutic recommendations can be configured to work around individual requirements. There are many metabolic disorders — many of which can affect various organs in the body, such as the heart, thyroid gland, liver, and brain amongst others.

Symptoms of many metabolic disorders include strong physical discomfort, sleep disorders e. Metabolic diseases are often characterised by an enzyme deficiency or hormone deficiency.

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  • With regards to some metabolic disorders, some metabolism products accumulate in the body whilst others may be stored or excreted. However, transport defects due to certain substances can also occur, i. Specialised screenings, such as EAT, alongside special laboratory diagnostics, are often used to discover reasons behind allergies and intolerances.

    Men over the age of 45 should seriously consider having a urological examination done as a way in the risk of prostate cancer can be monitored.

    Malignant changes to the prostate are the second most common cause of death in men in terms of cancer. An annual urological check-up ensures that changes to the prostate are detected and treated long before the occurrence of noticeable and far more serious symptoms can arise. The physical examination begins after a detailed interview takes place in which medical history is to be discussed.